New year cleanup

To welcome the new year, I wanted to get rid of some of the ancient cruft. pkgsrc like many other systems tends to accumulate unmaintained software. In many cases, this software tends to be broken in the bulk builds, has special restrictions on redistribution or is a security nightmare.

For the post-2009Q1 cleanup, the basic criterions were:

Sadly, removing PHP completely is not an option, but it has been over a year since the final EOL of PHP 4 and therefore enough time to migrate the remaining code to a supported code base.

Java has similar issues. The Linux emulation for the older Sun JDK/JRE releases was often problematic. The licensing doesn't really help either, e.g. it is virtually impossible to build and distribute a JDK 1.5 as native code. With the advent of GPLed OpenJDK 7 the situation has improved dramatically.