May update for cvs2fossil

The new snapshot of cvs2fossil fixes three important issues:

  1. Vendor branches do not fall under the normal branch point rules. This effectively moved the real cut-off point for pkgsrc on every import, making the converted repository grow extremely fast.
  2. The expansion of $Log$ is atomic and the commit message itself no subject of keyword substitution. This didn't affect the NetBSD repository, but evidently crashed the conversion of OpenBSD's src module. The rewritten expansion code is much, much simpler now.
  3. Executable permissions are preserved.

I've used this and also changed the conversion to create the newer sub-second timestamp format. To fully exploit the bug fixes, the two NetBSD repositories (pkgsrc and src) have been recreated some scratch. I've decided to skip the top-level directory now as well, so src/Makefile is now just Makefile and src/bin/cat/cat.c can be found in bin/cat/cat.c.