Fossil repositories moved and updated, git in progress.

The fossil repositories (src and pkgsrc) have moved to a new server, so at least upstream bandwidth no longer is a problem. For cloning, it is still recommented to fetch the database files directly from Zafer Aydo─čan also provides mirrors at src and pkgsrc.

The src repository has been rebuild from scratch after many clean ups to the branching. It should be in a pretty good shape now. Special thanks to S.P. Zeidler for the assistance in messing up

At this point, I believe the conversion to be stable and don't plan any more repository changes. If you run across inconsistencies in the conversion, please mail me though.

I've also started to integrate the git export. This is still a lot more overhead than necessary. The incremental fast-import in git doesn't work, so it has to write all all blobs and commits on every pass, adding another 20min or so to the conversion rounds. The result can be found on github. I'm interested in feedback here to decide asking github for more space to add src as well.
Update: there seems to be a small bug with the conversion of file deletes, so the git repo will be nuked and rebuild soonish
Update 2: fixed and repushed